Netflix Pick of the Week: Ginny & Georgia


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Netflix’s newest show Ginny & Georgia is a dramatic comedy with a thriller twist that is sure to catch your fancy, and if it doesn't, what else do you have to watch?

The series begins with the title characters, Ginny & Georgia in crisis. After a series of unfortunate events kept the family on the move for over a decade, Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey)–a cunning 30-year-old single mother–resolves to settle down in New England with her alienated 15-year-old daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and nine-year-old son Austin (Diesel La Torraca). 

The 10 episode season explores the cracks in Ginny’s relationship with her ever-secretive mother, together with her first forays into friendships and romance, all the while tackling issues of race, class, and identity.

Georgia, on the other hand, drowns in her financial troubles while attempting to maintain her facade of charm and proper southern upbringing.

 Episode 1: Georgia arrives at Wellsbury, Mass. with her teenage daughter Virginia "Ginny" and 9-year-old son Austin after her husband dies from a heart attack. 

On Ginny's first day at her new school, Ginny faces off with her English teacher and is befriended by Maxine, through whom she meets Maxine's bad-boy twin brother Marcus and another guy, Hunter.

Aftwards, Georgia meets cafe' owner Joe; Wellsbury's mayor, Paul; and her next-door neighbor Ellen, the mother of Marcus and Maxine. 

Ginny while on her first date ever, with Hunter, she smokes marijuana; when Ginny gets home from the date she has sex with Marcus, losing her virginity.

 Georgia attends a board meeting held by the Mayor and blackmails Joe to give organic food to the school at a low price; this gets her a job at the mayor's office. 

Flashbacks throughout the episode reveal more about Georgia's past... She was abused as a teenager, became pregnant at 15 with Ginny, and that her husband's crash was no accident.




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