Netflix Pick of the Week: The Platform

netflix movie platform

The Platform is the feature directorial debut for Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia working from a script penned by David Desola and Pedro Rivero. It takes place in a facility called “The Hole,” a prison of sorts but one with a stacked vertical layout and two people assigned to each floor. Some of The Hole’s occupants committed crimes but then there are others like Ivan MassaguĂ©’s Goreng who agreed to spend six months in The Hole in exchange for an accredited diploma.

Once a day, the platform is made available to each floor. The first floor is served an untouched feast. There’s the sweet, the savory, protein, greens, cakes, wine – you name it. It’s a glorious sight for the two occupants on floor 1 – and probably the folks on the next few floors as well – but the thing is, the platform spread is never replenished. You’ve got a set amount of time to eat your fill and then it’s on to the next floor and the next floor and the next floor until there’s no more food left. And even then, there are still dozens of floors to go.

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