Amazon Prime: Fighting With My Family

wwe paige wrestling movie

This is a semi-biographical movie about the WWE career of professional wrestler Paige. It is based upon a documentary by the same name about Paige and her family of professional wrestlers in England.

Raya, WWE's Paige, grew up with her older brother Zak (Jack Lowden, “Dunkirk”) in a wrestling family including their parents Ricky (Nick Frost, “Attack the Block”) and Lena Headey (TV’s “Game of Thrones”). The family owns a local British wrestling organization whose main attraction is the 4 family members going against each other in various combinations.

The siblings have an opportunity to try out for the WWE’s minor league affiliate NXT. A former wrestler, Hutch (Vince Vaughn) is the training and marketing drill sergeant. Alas poor Zak doesn’t make the cut and is sent home. Raya on the other hand gets to the next level in Orlando. During training Hutch carries around a horn encouraging the trainees to honk it in order to quit and go home. Reminds me of the bell Navy SEAL trainees ring when they’ve had enough.

It is clear that among the women Raya is the better wrestler. The other women are former models and cheerleaders who clearly have the stature and glamour more befitting those skills than wrestling. They are tall and fit. Raya isn’t either. But while she may never be tall, she can become more fit. There remains great conflict between Raya and Zak although it hasn’t reached the surface. Zak has always dreamed of a real WWE career. He’s disappointed not only in himself but that Raya made the cut but doesn’t have the same commitment he does.

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