Leaked Photo of Robert Pattinson Batman Costume

batman leaked suit Robert Pattinson

leaked first look at Matt Reeves' The Batman costume to be worn by Robert Pattinson.

Reeves' moody and red-lit debut of the new Batsuit was carefully cropped to prevent us from seeing it in full form and detail - but now a leaked set photo has revealed what the full Batsuit will looks like, from pointed ears down to boots.

The Batman will apparently deliver one of the darkest-colored Batman costumes yet, being virtually all black. Even Michael Keaton's Batman had the gold insignia, while Christian Bale's had the gold utility belt, and Ben Affleck went with the more classic gray-and-black color scheme. Pattinson's Batman looks much more militaristic with the tactical black gear, and cargo pouch utility belt and either combat or biker boots.

The cowl's ears are a inbetween Keaton's long points and Affleck's little nubs; however, the shoulder pads have a hint of The Dark Knight. Finally, the look and function of the wrist gauntlets is definitely going to stir a lot of debate. The final piece to this puzzle will be the cape; either it will be added in post-production or this Batman makes the prudent decision not to wear it while riding a motorcycle?

batman suit

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