Jay and Silent Bob Reboot: A Letter To Kevin Smith [Review]

jay silent bob reboot

Jay and Silent Bob reboot gave the characters of Jay and Silent Bob a send-off befitting of a king and it's only right considering how iconic the characters are. While this may not be the last we of them on screen, their own personal stories are perfectly wrapped up in a way that more than redeems Jay for all his shortcomings and highlights why Silent Bob is the best friend anyone could ever have.

Normally when I do a review I breakdown the cast, dialogue, cinematography and overall plot of the movie in great detail, but not this time. Like a PG-13 John Travolta I say Fuck That. This film, yea film not a movie, is the culmination of  seven films and 25 years worth of work. Of course the cast, dialogue, plot and cinematography are going to be great. Now it might not be great to you, but it is to me and many other Kevin Smith View Askew Universe fans and that, most importantly, is who this movie is made for. So instead of a normal review, I'm gonna write this...

Dear Kevin,

        Thank you. Thank you for making films that me and my friends were able to bond over. But not just films, but two characters that had a little piece of each of us inside of them. Not all those guys are here anymore and that's probably why as I get older these movies take me back to a time when things were just funny. When we would go to the mall and yell about small children being on escalators. When playing ball hockey (Dek) was the most important thing in our lives. Shit. Come to think of it Clerks might be the reason why I enjoy ball hockey as much as I do (we even played a game on my neighbor's garage roof). Anyway, Jay and Silent Bob were, in a way, us. And since not all of us are here it's nice to see that those two still are.

      It has been a pleasure to watch these guys for as long as I have, but this last outing really hit me in the gut. See no longer are we the guys who get stoned, go where the wind takes us, party all night guys; we're dads. And being a dad is, probably (like 99% sure), the funnest thing in the world. So, suffice it to say, the things that the characters of Jay and Holden were saying hit harder than a ton of bricks. That monologue Affleck does is outstanding and couldn't ring any truer. That bit alone is worth its weight in gold. Then to see Jay come full circle like that, well I think I got dirt in my eye at that exact same moment.

    Jay and Silent Bob was more than a great trip down memory lane. It was about growing up, taking responsibility and understanding that the past was fun, but what the future holds might even be better.

    P.S. Jersey Girl is a fantastic movie. Affleck, Carlin, Liv and Raquel Castro give outstanding performances. Never met anyone who watched it and didn't cry 10/10.  Please, just accept it is good.

                                                                                                   Thanks Again

That's it, that's my review of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which wasn't a review at all.  But seriously if you have come this far in the View Askew Universe then you owe it to yourself to watch this film.

Rating: 9/10 Stars 

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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