Elliott and E.T. Reunite For Christmas Sequel Short [Video]

elliott and et sequel

E.T. has returned to Earth in a surprise appearance in a commercial/ short sequel for telecommunications company Xfinity. Only this time he's learning about tablets, VR and playing in the snow.

In the four-minute ad, E.T. parks his spaceship in the backyard of a grown-up Elliot. Elliott's children and wife are shocked to see this small raisin-like creature, but Elliott excitedly hugs his old friend from 1982.

In a montage of his winter stay on Earth, everyone's favorite portly alien revives dead flowers, tries out VR goggles and sleds through the snow with Elliott's two children.

It is also implied that E.T. has a family of his own, as he looks longingly into a tiny orb that glows with the holograms of a tinier ET.

At one point, Elliott's unnamed children and E.T. fly past a full moon on bicycles, but this time it's for fun and not to escape bad guys. When it comes time for E.T. to phone home, Elliott sees him off with tears in his eyes.

"I'll be right here," E.T. tells Elliott's son, pointing to his heart, before taking back off on his spaceship. Then the son's shirt starts to glow, and he finds the same orb E.T. used to see his family -- and this time, Elliott and his kids can see E.T.

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