10 Films From Blumhouse That Are Good (Watchable)


Blumhouse has been at the center of a lot of  hype since they dropped the Halloween remake. Fans have created this narrative that they can do no wrong and they should get all the movies. Well, I thought about it and are they really just churning out hits or is this wishful thinking?

Below is a list of (10) ten films from Blumhouse. Are they the best films ever? No, but they are good enough to watch and probably revisit. The thing that has taken me by surprise though is that I could only find (10) ten films out of the (97) ninety seven they have produced that are watchable and/are rewatchable.

That's right, Blumhouse has made (87) eighty seven films that are either complete garbage or just OK. And I mean Ok as in, hey at least there was that one good scene, character or actor.

Well, here you go. Here is the list and I look forward to your tears of rage about (insert terrible movie here) not making the list....

1.The Bay 


3.The Town That Dreaded Sundown

4.The Purge




8.Happy Death Day 

9.Creep 2


 And you people want them to handle all the remakes... Christ.

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