WWE Canceled Jay and Silent Bob Over AEW Appearance [Video]

 chris jericho kevin smith

Kevin Smith appeared on The Rich Eisen show alongside AEW World champ, and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot costar, Chris Jericho. During the interview, Kevin revealed he and Jason Mewes were told the morning after appearing on Dynamite that they were no longer needed at Friday Night SmackDown.

Smith stated that the morning after their AEW appearance WWE was like, ‘you can’t come on anymore and they canceled us'. Jericho then noted 'the first casualty of the wrestling war was Jay & Silent Bob'.

'Can you believe it?! It felt really weird, man. There’s a line drawn in the sand and they pushed us onto the one side of it,' Smith added.

Smith breaks down the situation in the video below. Skip to the 2:30 mark in the video.

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