Phelps Garage Truck [56 Chevy Task Force] Returns In Halloween Kills [Interview]

halloween kills interview

With all the latest additions to the cast of Halloween Kills BlumHouse is sparing no expense in tracking down anyone and anything that appeared in the original Halloween film. But today they took the internet by storm when they announced that the 56 Chevy Task Force, which played the role of Phelps Garage Truck, would make its return to the franchise.

Moments after the news broke we were able to sit down with the Chevy Task Force and dig deep into what it felt like finally getting the call to come back to the series after all these years.

TDE: Before we begin the interview how would you like to be addressed?

Chevy: Mr. Task Force or Chevy is fine (laughs).

TDE: Cool. First and foremost, what is like to get that call asking you to return to the franchise after all these years?

Chevy: Honestly, it is a surreal feeling. I haven't had the chance to act since an episode of Quantum Leap titled 'The Color of Truth'. When Sam (Scott Bakula) is driving the old lady through town I can be seen parked in front of the general store on main street.

TDE: Really, what was it like working on such an iconic show?

Chevy: Hell, where to begin. Scott was a pleasure to work with but Dean Stockwell was a pretty wild guy during that time. Once after filming I woke up parked outside a strip club with cocaine residue all over my mirrors in a town that was six hours away from where we were filming. And it turns out we were reported missing because a whole week had passed. But those were the times. 

TDE: Wow! Those sound like crazy times. What did you do between that last role and now?

Chevy: I followed my passion and became a DP. Shot a few seasons of Star Trek: TNG and worked on Are You Afraid of the Dark? up in Canada for the final season. After that I decided to write a book titled " 55-59 Chevy Truck Shop Manual".

TDE: And now after all that you return to where it all began. Are you excited to step back into the role that started it all?

Chevy: Absolutely! I feel as though I haven't lost a step and can really give my character a fitting closure to his arch. My only regret is that I will not have the chance to share the screen with Mr. Pleasence.

TDE: Yes, it is a shame that Donald isn't here to reprise his role of Dr. Loomis. Before we end this interview is there anything you want to say about Halloween Kills?

Chevy:  Just like to take this time to thank Jason [Blum] and John [Carpenter] for putting me in the first Halloween and finally bringing me back so I can give my character the sendoff that he deserves.

TDE: Thanks Chevy and we look forward to seeing you in the Halloween Kills.

Set for release by Universal Pictures on October 16th, 2020, Halloween Kills is produced by Trancas International Films, Miramax and Blumhouse Productions, with director Green directing from a script he co-wrote with returning collaborator Danny McBride and series newcomer Scott Teems.

Based on characters created by series originator John Carpenter and Debra Hill, Halloween Kills and its 2021 follow-up Halloween Ends will be produced by Akkad, Jason Blum and Bill Block. Green, McBride, John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jeanette Volturno, Couper Samuelson and Ryan Freimann will serve as executive producers, with Ryan Turek overseeing both projects for Blumhouse.

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