Tom Holland's Spider-Man Out Of MCU and Now Flying Solo

According to Deadline, Marvel Studios will not produce any further Spider-Man films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because Sony Pictures and Disney could not reach new terms moving forward.

Disney asked that future Spider-Man films be a 50/50 co-financing arrangement between the studios, and there were discussions that this might extend to other films in the Spider-Man universe. Sony turned that offer down flat. Sony proposed keeping the arrangement similar to the terms that dictated the first two Spider-Man MCU films, such that Disney would only receive 5 percent of first dollar gross. Disney refused that deal.

There are two additional Spider-Man movies in the works and Tom Holland along with director Jon Watts are still attached to the projects. Producer Amy Pascal, who has worked on every Spider-Man film universe entry since Homecoming (including Venom and Spider-Verse) will also stay on.

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