Now Playing: 'Driven' The Story of John DeLorean [Trailer]


After he's busted for smuggling coke on his plane, Jim Hoffman has a chance to start over in a lush, affluent suburb of San Diego. Jim and his wife, Ellen are surprised to find maverick auto mogul John DeLorean lives in a glamorous house down the street. Soon an unexpected friendship forms between the two men, just as John's new venture--the DeLorean Motor Company--is taking off. But with the FBI pushing Jim to inform on his flashy former dealer, Morgan Hetrick and John's financing falling through the cracks, things are far from idyllic...and about to take a dark turn.

When his car company gets in trouble, Delorean needs cash quickly. Delorean likes being a rogue and an iconoclast, and doing a quick multi-million dollar drug deal to save the car of the future seems like a win-win. He knows his new friend Hoffman has some drug connections, so asks him to help set it up.

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