3 From Hell Looks Stunning In First Full Trailer

 otis baby 3 from hell

After sharing the 3 From Hell teaser trailer last month, Rob Zombie has now revealed the full trailer for 3 From Hell. The main focus of this entry looks to be the characters’ escape from prison and the subsequent chaos that ensues.

3 From Hell is a follow-up to Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. It reunites some of Zombie’s recurring stars, such as Sheri Moon Zombie, Sid Haig, and Bill Moseley. The latter film saw the apparent demise of Captain Spaulding (Haig), Otis Driftwood (Moseley), and Baby (Zombie), as they are roadblocked by authorities who shoot them multiple times.

Lionsgate and Saban Films will release 3 From Hell in 900 select movie theaters on September 16, 17 and 18, 2019 through Fathom Events.

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