Scream: Resurrection Brings Back Ghostface [Trailer]

scream vh1 series ghostface

Scream fans have been patiently waiting for a third season of MTV's Scream to arrive after 2016’s second season ended with the promise that a killer was still on the loose. Well, that third season never happened but a full reboot has been in the works since 2017 and now that the Harvey Weinstein scandal has been dealt with the reboot is here.

VH1 has taken over and the new Scream: Resurrection is set to air in three parts, on three consecutive nights starting Monday, July 8.

This time the story unfolds in Atlanta and will feature a brand-new cast of characters. It's precisely a predominantly Black cast which includes Mary J. Blige, Keke Palmer, both Faith Evans and her son Notorious B.I.G., CJ Wallace, and Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson.

Scream: Resurrection is set to revolve around Deion Elliot, portrayed by RJ Cyler, a local star football player who will be returning to his hometown and tragic past. Though when the past begins to haunt him and threaten his plans for the future as well as the lives of his family and friends, things will eventually turn left. Suspense and horror will take hold as a mysterious killer known as Ghostface begin terrorizing the town.

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