Historic El Toro 20 Stair Is No More

bmx tailwhip el toro 20

On the campus of El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California sits two perfect 20 stair staircases and over the past decades these twin beauties have witnessed some of the most historical moments in BMX and skateboarding history. But on Monday, June 17th 2019 the mecca of riding spots has been demolished and will see the rise of an "unrideable" set in its place.

The plans to remove the staircases has been in the works since late 2017 when the school had an evaluation done of the property. Half the reason being that a lot of the school is outdated and the other half being that riders of both bikes and boards flock there to take on the famous staircase.

The plan for the staircase seems to be a full replacement for both sets that will come with "unrideable" handrails and concrete pillars at both the top and the bottom of the sets. The hope is to make it completely impossible for riders have a clean run-up to the set, and thus, deter rides from showing up at all.

It is a sad day that such an iconic riding spot is being removed, but if there is a will then there is always a way and I'm sure someone will attempt the next incarnation of the El Toro 20.

If you read this and still have no idea what I'm talking about hit the video below to give you some insight on this landmark in the skate and BMX community.

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