DuckTales Brings Back Darkwing and Negaduck [Video]

ducktales darkwing duck

In the opening scene of "Beware The B.U.D.D.Y. System" (episode 11 of the first season of DuckTales), we see Darkwing in all his glory chasing down Quackerjack, Megavolt and the liquidator, a pitch perfect tribute to the terror who flaps in the night, but it was all revealed to just be an old TV show that Launchpad loved to watch. So Darkwing Duck doesn't actually exist in the world of DuckTales... Or does he?

In that very episode Launchpad mentions that the in universe actor who played Darkwing, Jim Starling, got "pretty banged up in later seasons" because he did all his own stunts. The inclusion of this line seems to hint there's more to Darkwing Duck in the DuckTales universe than just a fun cameo.

Now jump to season 2 episode 16 and  it is revealed that Darkwing Duck exists as a pop culture franchise within the world of the new DuckTales. Jim Cummings, who voiced the titular character on the ’90s cartoon, plays duck actor Jim Starling.

While Launchpad attends a grand opening to meet his hero, Jim Starling the actor who plays Darkwing Duck, news breaks of a Darkwing Duck movie going into production. The actor who plays DW, Jim Starling, believes he is back in the big time only to find out that the series is getting a gritty film reboot with a new lead. What ensues is both a send-up of all of DC's movies along with a soft reboot of the Darkwing character that will grab the attention of both old and new fans of the series.

Below shows how the original Darkwing and the new one will feature into future episodes of DuckTales.

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