Netflix Pick of the Week: Slasher Solstice

netflix slasher season 3

Slasher: Solstice places the terror on the occupants of a middle class level apartment building due to their inability to help a young man, Kit (Robert Cormier), as he was viciously murdered within eye or earshot of them. Beginning with that night, the mark of the Summer Solstice, the occupants use social media and their own prejudices, hatred, and secrets to literally tear apart any semblance of a community.

A year later, and the current Summer Solstice is upon them. As the Solstice returns, so does The Druid – the name given to Kit’s killer. We follow the occupants of the building throughout the 24 hours of the day of the Solstice, as well as a couple of detectives who are trying to figure out who the Druid is, and why the killer is doing what it’s doing.

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