Best Show You're Not Watching: Blark and Son

blark son series comedy puppets

Whoever said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree clearly never met Blark and his son. With Blark's fondness for hunting bears and his son's extreme love for video games, this father-son duo couldn't be more different. But that won't keep Blark from creating (and at times forcing) a strong paternal bond with his son.

Blark and Son came to life in early 2017 as a series of 30-second Instagram videos created by special effects veteran Ben Bayouth. The comedy features puppets Blark and Son, voiced by Bayouth and Mintz-Plasse respectively, in a sitcom-style format unique among today’s vast array of animated shows.

The show has since left Instagram and now resides with Comedy Central. All episode are currently on CC's Youtube channel with new episodes being added weekly.

Check out the first episode right here and be sure to keep an eye out for more to come from Blark and Son.

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