Netflix Pick of the Week: Get Shorty [Season 1]

get shorty series

Chris O'Dowd plays Miles Daly, a thoughtful enforcer for a small Nevada crime syndicate whose ruthless boss, Amara (Lidia Porto), is not shy about dropping bodies out in the desert with the help of her unhinged nephew, Yago (Goya Robles), who thinks Miles needs to be taken out.

When Amara sends Miles and fellow enforcer/cleaner Louis (Sean Bridgers) to Los Angeles to collect on a debt from a screenwriter who was gambling to finance the best script he'd written (but nobody would make), fate opens a door — to Hollywood.

Miles — and especially Louis — may not be the brightest, but at least Miles appreciates classic movies and a story well told. So when they pilfer the script from the in-debt writer and hatch a plan to launder Amara's illegal drug and gang money through the movie business, they hire down-on-his-luck producer Rick Moreweather (Romano) to make it happen.

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