Watch Dumb-ass ET Host Bomb During Jamie Lee Halloween Interview

halloween jamie lee interview

Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier had the chance to sit down with Jamie Lee Curtis to promote her new entry into the Halloween franchise at SDCC 2018 but he managed to bomb the interview in a most spectacular fashion.

The interview starts off mildly well, but by the 0:6:00 minute mark he successfully confuses Halloween with Friday the 13th and then tries to double down on his statement that Michael Myers wears a hockey mask. And if it seems that the interview couldn't get anymore awkward he then asks Curtis if she wants to see a Roseanne meltdown video. Now how could it get worse from there? He then goes on to adamantly state that Haddonfield, IL is a real town and that is where the original was shot.

It sounds unbelievable but thankfully ET uploaded the interview to their Youtube channel without a second thought on how stupid it would make the "entertainment journalist" appear. The lack of preparation this interview features is unacceptable in any line of work, but to then double down on your dumb-ass ramblings makes one wonder how he has this job in the first place.

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