Cult of Chucky Is Terrible but Enjoyable [Review]

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There is a difference between a bad movie and a movie that is enjoyably bad. A bad movie has no redeeming qualities and flat out sucks (Annabelle); an enjoyable bad movie still sucks but has it moments that really shine making you say "Well, that part was pretty good." (Freddy vs Jason). The latter is where Cult of Chucky lands on the scale of movies.

Returning to the series is Alex Vincent (Andy), Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer/Tiffany), Fiona Dourif (Nica) and everyone's favorite horror icon Brad Dourif (Chucky). Each actor brings their A-game while delivering very exceptional performances.  Vincent shows that he can still command the screen and really slips back into the Andy role as if he never left. Fiona, again, delivers flawlessly as Nica and adds a little something to the role that calls back to her character on Dirk Gentley. And, of course, Bard Dourif fires on all cylinders delivering Chucky one-liners that steal each scene he graces.

The problem with Cult of Chucky isn't the acting, the FX or setting, it's the story. The story is all over the place and tries to shoehorn in a secondary plot that, though cool and original, doesn't really add anything of substance to the movie. At most it just makes for some very funny dialogue, but bogs the movie down with needless additions. The story, though, could be overlooked if it had a definitive plot; yet there is absolutely no plot nor reason for any of this to take place.

The second part of the problem is the under utilizing of the awesome cast. Alex Vincent is back as Andy, yet he only has, maybe, 12 minutes or screentime and Jennifer Tilly has less than or equal to that. Then instead of focusing on Fiona's Nica while in the institution, time is wasted on patients who are not entertaining and clearly there to be cannon fodder.

... But, as stated before, there are a few enjoyable parts.

Cult of Chucky is the weakest of the series and really screws up the headway made in Curse, yet Chucky and the kills are still top-notch. But this might be the blow that stops the franchise dead in its tracks. If anything, at least Seed will no longer be looked upon as the worst in the series.

Rating: 5.5/10 Stars

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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