VHS Life: Going To Camp

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A mysterious stranger enters the store. Is he just your average customer or is there something more? The “Producer” that Tony mentioned in a previous episode shows up in hopes of shaping things up with the show and the store. Dave Zed of Exploding Heads Horror Podcast is tasked with bringing us up to a tier one podcast, but will he succeed? We also talk about upcoming Scream Factory releases, superhero tv, why John thinks Kevin Smith sucks, Why Jackie Earl Haley killed Freddy, John's vision for a Smokey & The Bandit remake (HORRIBLE IDEA) and so much more!

After a break, we can into our favorite summer, not necessarily horror, movies. There's some definite surprises here. As we reminisce about the films that shaped the summers of our childhood and more!

So rent smart and remember, “Be Kind…Rewind”.

Show Breakdown:

Closing Time (2:13-3:30)

Meet The Producer/Scream Factory/Kevin Smith/Freddy & More (7:28-54:58)

Going To Camp (59:28-End)

If you've got a question, comment, show idea, or would like to be featured on an episode email us at: vhslifepodcast@gmail.com

You can also leave us a voicemail at: 215-240-7839

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