The Worst Nintendo Consoles of All Time


Nintendo, the company that won't die simply due to nostalgia. Sure they have made some great consoles, but the truth is that majority of them have been big steaming piles of crap. Since this fact goes over many a persons head, it's time that you are forced to look at the shit you have supported in black and white. You are the reason why this company that has outstayed its welcome refuses to just move to game making and letting us play the few good games on Xbox or Playstation.

With that said here is the worst that Nintendo has offered over the years...

6. Super Nintendo - WOW! The Nintendo is now Super! No, no it is not. Every game on this console sucks and their Flagship game Super Mario World is the worst game ever. I don't want a Mario game where I shrink and lose my fire power because a shell hit me once. And I don't want to ride a half retarded dinosaur that ditches me after being hit. This system makes me sick.

5. Gameboy Advanced - Bullshit, this is a SNES handheld and the cartridges were fine in regular Gameboy shape.

4. GameCube - Okay, you're going to make a disc based console? Great! Oh, but the discs are the size of a quarter...awesome. The controller is okay, but again the system and games blow, with the exception of Tiger Woods Golf and the 64 games they ported over. They only redeeming factor here is that these discs are playable on the Wii.

3. Wii U - No.  If you bought this, hit yourself on the head with a tack hammer because you are a retard.

2. Virtual Boy - Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining. Virtual my ass, more like red lines of motion sickness.

1. Switch  - See Wii U. The only person that could find interest in this console is a Mormon who has been secluded from the world but at the age of 16 runs away and finds a Switch in the gutter and doesn't know any better.

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