47 Meters Down Has Bite [Review]

47 meters down

Shark movies are a tricky formula to crack, you either get it right or you don't. From Jaws sequels to last year's The Shallows none ever hit mark, they come close but still no cigar. Enter 47 Meters Down a movie that get it so right you feel like you are watching shark week.

 47 Meters Down sees sisters Kate (Claire Holt) and Lisa (Mandy Moore) traveling to Mexico for a vacation filled with sun, fun and adventure. Lisa needs some extra persuasion when Kate suggests that they go diving in shark-infested waters. Safe in their protective cage, the thrill-seeking siblings come face to face with a group of majestic great whites. Their worst fears soon become a reality when the cage breaks away from their boat, sending them plummeting to the ocean floor with a dwindling supply of oxygen.

Unlike the previously mentioned movies 47 Meters Down does not go with over the top CGI and sharks that roar, instead they stick to a very realistic feel in the vein of Open Water.

Claire Holt and Mandy Moore carry this movie through out and neither steal the show because they both deliver solid performances. And, even though he is on screen briefly, Matthew Modine gives a good turn as the boat captain who runs the operation.

47 Meters Down has everything you could want in a shark movie and then some. It will hit you with so much that when you think the ride is over, well, you only just begun. This is definitely a must see.

Rating: 8.5/10 Stars

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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