VHS Life: My Uncle Is a Serial Killer

vhs life podcast

Things are finally getting back to "normal" at Press Play, well as normal as they can be. John's disgruntled over the lack of a Phantasm commentary. Neither of them is happy with Tony's lack of faith in them to be assistant manager. They discuss their Easter plans and take a trip down memory lane as they explore a time of turmoil in John's life that led to a disastrous interview.

After a break, we dive deep to uncover the truth behind the real nightmare...His Uncle Is A Serial Killer?!?! This is by far one of the strangest segments we've ever recorded. All that and more in this bizarre episode.
So rent smart and remember, “Be Kind…Rewind”.

No Phantasm II?! (0:00-05:30)
Customers/Easter/Relationship Discord/Visiting The Past (09:11-39:40)
Synth Selection: "THE LAST HOPE" (39:41-43:47)
Real Life Crime: John's Uncle Is A Serial Killer (43:48-End)

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