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  • Netflix Pick of the Week: The Windmill

    windmill massacre movie

    The Windmill is the Dutch version of Hatchet. And that is not a bad thing.

     Director Nick Jongerius helms a strong international cast (which includes Noah Taylor, Charlotte Beaumont and Ben Batt) plays a group of tourists. Each signs up for a bus excursion through the Holland countryside to see windmills, but unbeknowst to each other is that each passenger harbors a dark secret.

    Originally called “The Windmill Massacre,” the film has lost the last word of its title on the way to a U.S. release. 

    Jongerius positions his monster’s victims as sinners due for a reckoning. Between the gory kills, “The Windmill” flashes back periodically to reveal how these characters ended up in the Dutch countryside, facing the business end of a scythe.

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