Netflix Pick of the Week: LOVE Season 2

netflix love season 2

The first season of LOVE tracked the complicated romance between Gus (Paul Rust) and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), two very different people living on the East Side whose chance encounter ties them together at a pivotal time in both their lives. Season 1 found them dealing with personal and professional ups and downs, but ended on a largely optimistic note, with Mickey truly acknowledging her problems to Gus and Gus embracing her despite (or perhaps because) of them.

Per the official synopsis for Season 2, provided by Netflix, “Mickey and Gus face commitment and all that comes with it as they attempt to bring order to their chaotic lives.” The show is based in part on the real life relationship between Rust and Arfin, but while the creators are now married, that doesn’t guarantee a happy ending for the duo.

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