Leaked Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer

deadpool leaked trailer

A teaser for Deadpool 2 leaked online Friday afternoon which is, reportedly, airing in theaters before the new Wolverine movie Logan.

Deadpool is seen in a phone booth changing into his uniform, and in the process, he presses his butt cheeks into the glass and this is all happening while the Richard Donner Superman theme blares in the background. Eventually, Deadpool manages to get into his skintight costume, but by the time he exits the phone booth, it’s too late, and the person he was going to help has already been murdered.

The tease serves more as a reminder that Deadpool 2 is coming than a reveal of major plot points. But there is a tiny nod to Cable, a.k.a. Nathan Summers. Graffiti scrawled on the outside of phone booth says, “Nathan Summers comming soon.” It could possibly be a signal that the character’s casting will soon be announced.

And instead of giving a release date at the end, like a traditional trailer would, all we get is “not soon enough”.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled hit theaters on March 2, 2018.

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