Fangoria Magazine Will Never See Print Again [1979-2017]


 After 38 years of bringing the behind-the-scenes coverage of horror, sci-fi and fantasy Fangoria will not be printing another issue.

On Saturday February 11th 2017 former editor-in-chief Ken W. Hanley took to Twitter and dropped a bomb that he hasn't worked for the company since December:

"Been waiting a long time to say it, but I can finally say: I am no longer involved with FANGORIA.I've been on hiatus from the company in mid-December. I'll always be grateful for the time and opportunity there, so it's a fucking bummer."

After that he made another statement concerning the affairs of the company (and for many lifelong Fangoria readers it was a shot to the gut):

"For those wondering: there will likely never be another issue of FANGORIA, especially in print, unless there's new ownership."

As it sit right now the only available issue from the Fangoria store is issue #348 and it is digital only.

We have reached out to Fangoria and at this time they have yet to comment, but we will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Update 2/12/17: Fangoria claimed that the news of their print issue is false, then quickly backtracked saying: "We'll have an Official message from our President/Owner within a day. Thank you for your patience!" 

Update 2/13/17: Here’s an Official statement directly from FANGORIA President/Owner, Tom DeFeo:

"I’d like to thank readers and subscribers for their patience as we deal with our internal issues. We will carry forward and devote our efforts to make amends with all that have been inconvenienced in our current state of affairs."

 They went on to add:

These words are in no way excuses, more the bitter truth about the current circumstances involving our print publication and interruption of production. With time and continued patience from our fans, writers, artists and subscribers we will be working endlessly to make good on any funds owed for magazines and/or articles written. In the meantime, we’ll continue trying to conquer the uphill battle to restore our print issues that our fans urgently long for.

Despite the current standstill of our print issues, our website and social media will function as normal and FANGORIA will continue to support independent artists and filmmakers as we have done for the past 30+ years of our history. We hope that you continue to support the first company in the business that jump started your eternal love for horror.

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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