Holliston Season 3 Update and Live Rehearsal

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Finally, Holliston season 3 is taking shape and the cast is getting together to do a live stream rehearsal.

From the Holliston Facebook Page:
This Thursday night (1/12) at 9pm PST Adam, Corri, Joe, and Laura will be broadcasting LIVE from Season 3 rehearsal at the ArieScope studio! The live broadcast will happen on Adam's Periscope channel (@Adam_Fn_Green). Each cast member will tweet the link out when the broadcast begins so follow everyone on Twitter (@Adam_Fn_Green, @Clenglish, @TheJoeLynch, @LauraTiz) to be sure not to miss it! Watch live, join in, say hello, and ask the cast questions directly. This live chat is not expected to last more than 20 minutes as the cast has an overwhelming amount of work ahead of them and will need to keep rehearsing. But what better motivation for them to keep working hard than to take a break and spend some time with YOU, the fans? PLEASE NOTE: Before posting comments/questions below about "when we start filming?" and "where the new season will be broadcast?" please understand that we still have to hold on publicly announcing certain info which (as you know by now) is constantly changing. It's just the way this tumultuous industry is right now. But we obviously wouldn't officially be in rehearsals unless we knew that things were on track and moving forward. We will share whatever specifics we can share without getting in trouble during Thursday night's broadcast. Hope to see you all there! Your love and passion are our fuel for never having given up and you are the reason why we have continually held in there "for just one...more...day."

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it takes place in the town of Holliston, Massachusetts, the series stars creator/writer/director/executive producer/showrunner Adam Green as "Adam" and executive producer Joe Lynch as "Joe", who are chasing their dream to become horror filmmakers, whilst not quite making ends meet working at a local cable access station. The main ensemble is rounded out by Laura Ortiz (who plays "Laura", Joe's bubbly yet artistically morbid girlfriend) and Corri English (who plays "Corri", Adam's ex-girlfriend and childhood sweetheart that he is constantly trying to win back). The show regularly features Twisted Sister's Dee Snider as Adam and Joe's cross-dressing, glam rock loving boss "Lance Rockett".

And if you still haven't jumped on this show yet, check out the clip below and understand why it is a ball of awesomeness.

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