Netflix Pick of the Week: I Am Your Father

star wars darth vader

Darth Vader is well established as one of the most outstanding villains in film history. His tall physique, long cape, the breathing and helmet are all instantly recognized worldwide. The one missing thing is the man behind the mask, David Prowse.

80 years old now, David lives anonymously in Croydon, a suburb of London. He apparently has a simple life, but unlike his neighbors, David hides one of the most incredible stories that can ever be told.

In this documentary, the directors will find some clues about the difficult relationship between David Prowse and Lucasfilm. Apparently, the reason of for their differences was an article published by a British newspaper during the shooting of "The return of the Jedi". Was the article the only reason why David Prowse has been ostracized all these years?.

It's time to find the truth about this, as we try to convince David Prowse to play , one the last time, the most well known villain of all time.

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