Westworld: Trompe L' Oeil Recap [Spoilers]

westworld spoilers

The seventh episode of "Westworld" entitled "Trompe L'Oeil" revealed the biggest shocker of the season. The title is the french phrase for deceiving the eye, an artistic technique used in the Renaissance period and beyond. The enigmatic title is fitting considering the most recent revelations in the episode.

The most recent "Westworld" episode started with Bernard's flashback of him reading a book for his son on a hospital bed, reading passages that are "suggestive" of what comes next.

Theresa tried scheming with a staff to force Dr. Ford's hand at retiring, revealing a glitch in Clem's code. But an unsuccessful Theresa was brought to a laboratory room which revealed the shocking truth - Bernard is a host controlled by Dr. Ford, and has been a host for a very long time. Dr. Ford commanded Bernard to kill Theresa, which he did so without hesitation.

Maeve in "Westworld" has been recently awakened by her memories with scribbles of clean-up crew to back them up. As Maeve and Clem talked about nightmares, Clem suddenly freezes, while Maeve doesn't, showing that she can ignore commands. With the help of Felix, Maeve found Clem but with a drill to her nose, freaking her out. Maeve then asks the help of Felix and Sylvester to escape.

Dolores and William spend a night together, but they are trailing through Ghost Nation which is an attraction filled with intruders' heads on sticks. While in the train, Dolores reveals that her life is a lie, and she wants the truth. William then tells her that he wants to be free as well, to stop pretending. Their group (Dolores, Lawrence, and William) use the Trompe L'Oeil trick by sending a cowboy with a white flag as Lawrence aims at the Confederados and purposely explodes it.

As William lays asleep, Dolores starts painting not her environs, but a place with mountains that meet the sea from inside her memory. At the end of the episode, the painting actually exists.

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