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    fright rags interview

    Things start out with Michael J FINALLY watching his homework, The Beyond. Did he love it or hate it? John watched Fender Bender, did he feel that it was a throwback to the VHS days? Michael J attempts a soliloquy and has an encounter on John’s leather couch in the back office and so much more!

     After a break, we’re joined by Ben Scrivens, founder of Fright Rags, the creator of kick ass horror T-shirts! We learn that there’s more to Ben than just Fright Rags. We get into his passion for horror, including involvement with bringing classic horror films back to the big screen in 35mm, his future aspirations, and so much more in this awesome interview!

    So rent smart and remember, “Be Kind…Rewind”.


     The Beyond/Fender Bender/Car Cosplay? (6:20-43:23)
    Ben Scrivens Interview (48:40-End)

    For More Ben Scrivens:

    Visit: www.fright-rags.com

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/frightrags

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/frightrags

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