Trailer Mash-up: Back to the Westworld

westworld back to future

YouTuber Todd Spence has released a mashup trailer that combines Back to the Future III with HBO's Westworld. It's got everything: brawls in the streets, corporate intrigue, a flying train. Hey, maybe Westworld can take a cue from that last flying trains sound awesome.

In the original Westworld film, the Man in Black wasn't a (maybe) hardcore player looking to push the limits of the game. He was more like Hector, a sexy host in black garb (played by Yul Brynner) who eventually breaks out of his coding and starts killing park guests.

Much like Brynner's MiB, Mad Dog is the villainous outlaw who talks a big game but never actually does anything to our main hero. Mad Dog taunts and challenges Marty the way a host would, with "yellow" insults tailor-made to bring out his aggression- much like how Logan insists Dolores was dropped in William's lap to immerse him in the world of west.

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