The Monster Is Emotional Horror at Its Finest [Review]

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The Monster starts out more akin to an indie drama than a horror movie. We meet our two main characters, Lizzy and her mother Kathy, and it is very clear that they have a dysfunctional relationship. Kathy is a lackluster mother, barely even passing as one at times, and to top off her neglect she tends to pick the bottle over her child 9/10 times. This leads to Kathy deciding Lizzy will most likely be better off living with her father. After a very delayed trip the two make their way down the highway only to get jammed up in traffic. Kathy decides to take a back road to bypass the accident, but she inadvertently stumbles into the path of a monster.

The Monster is carried by our two main characters: Ella Ballentine's Lizzie and Zoe Kazan's  Kathy. Each actor gives a performance that is one of the most rawest and hard-hitting performances I have ever seen in a horror movie. Kazan's turn as a drunk, neglectful mother is so realist it cuts like a knife. But Ballentine delivers a performance that has to be seen to believe. The girl has talent ten fold.

But wait there is more... The Monster, the creature that kills, is awesome. It's not some terrible CGI creature lurking in the woods, but a legit, practically made monster. The way the creature attacks and is shot, reminds me of Alien and to top it off the kills are just as spectacular in fashion. Seriously, this is one of the best creatures put on film for some time. If you only watch this movie for 'the monster' you won't be disappointed.

The Monster is a combo of raw emotions and good old monster carnage. It may take its time to build up, but when it hits, it hits hard and fast.

The Monster is available on DirectTV and Arrives on Blu-ray & DVD January 24, 2017

Rating: 8/10 Stars

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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