Netflix Now Offers Downloads for Offline Viewing

Netflix announced on Wednesday members now have the option to download movies and shows to watch offline later. This means you can finally watch Stranger Things or House of Cards while on a flight or somewhere without net access.

The feature comes free of cost with all Netflix memberships. Members will want to make sure they have the most recent Netflix app on their Android or iOS devices to access the new "download" button.

Up until now, you needed a place with a reliable internet connection to access the streaming service. But Netflix wants to make its product more nimble to suit the lives of those on the go. Which is funny  since Netflix once argued the feature was unnecessary, calling it a "short term fix for a bigger problem." But since its competitor Amazon Prime embraced offline downloads for iOS and Android users more than a year ago, Netflix decided it was better late than never.

You'll find Orange Is the New Black, Narcos and The Crown available, but you can't download everything. Shows like the new season of Gilmore Girls, Friends and New Girl are restricted for now.

According to Netflix's Help Center page, "you'll want to delete" downloaded titles before attempting to download new content. Because some licensing agreements have limits on the number of titles people can download at the same time. The length of time Netflix users will have to watch a show or movie will vary by title. The "My Downloads" page will show members how long, such as 48 hours, they have with each title.

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