Fear, Inc. Is Awesomely Entertaining Horror Fanfare [Review]

fear inc movie review

When horror movie enthusiast, Joe Foster (Lucas Neff) and his girlfriend, Lindsey Gains (Caitlin Stasey), are handed a business card for Fear, Inc.,a company you call that will bring your greatest fears to life, Joe's curiosity gets the best of him and he calls to setup an event. As the Fear, Inc. experience seemingly begins, scares start popping up right out of Joe's favorite horror movies, quickly turning him into a kid in a candy store; if the kid was a self righteous thirty year old and the candy store was the prop room from SAW. After a friend explains the company's dangerous reputation, his roller coaster of a journey goes from lighthearted fun to uncomfortably realistic as things take a major turn for the worse. Joe's sense of reality spirals out of control as he's forced to take responsibility for his actions, no matter the cost.

I'm going to keep this review short and sweet.

Fear Inc is awesome. The entire cast, even down to the bit parts, is fan-fucking-tastic. This is what every horror fan wishes existed, especially around Halloween.  A service to really scare you and take it to that next level.

The movie is aware that this premise has been done before, but never with this genre or this sweet of an execution. They even reference The Game to point out the fact that they know you know that that movie exists and is similar in premise.

If you are a genre fan and you don't watch this movie you are doing yourself a huge disservice. If you are a casual movie watcher, you'd probably like it too as the movie doesn't go obscure fanboy and sticks to the studio classics.

Rating: 8/10 Stars 

Rich Stile

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