VHS Life: Top 5 Octoberween Films

vhs life halloween

John is found, alive but maybe not so well, as we start things off. Michael J makes a shocking discovery while viewing the store security tape. Then, is a better late than never tribute to the legendary Donald Pleasence. Many aspects of his life are explored and John realizes how obsessed Michael J truly is, and it scares him just a little and more!

After a break, the guys breakdown their Top 5 Films to watch during the month of October to prepare for Halloween. The only guideline is that they CANNOT include the major franchises. Do you agree with their picks, are there any you would add? Plus Michael J keeps the store open for someone he considers a very “special” customer.


 John’s Alive (0:00-2:48)

 Return Of 80s John/Donald Pleasence Tribute & More (7:14-29:28)

Top 5 Octoberween Films (34:29-End)

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