VHS Life: To Be Continued

to be continued

There’s something wrong with John when he appears at the store after being a no show for several days. Is it due to roid rage or is there something more?

John is distraught over Gene Wilder’s passing. Michael J is excited that one of his favorite shows has returned to the airwaves. John saw Sausage Party and apparently Edward Norton is still acting. Can Birdman fly? Has Kevin Smith peaked? John saw Halloween III for the first time and Michael J is shocked by his reaction to it, and John Dies at The End…is…. weird and kinda strange BUT is it good?

The Franchise Expansion Discussion is where we talk how we would continue standalone films as franchises or rework current franchises to our liking. All that and more on this can’t miss episode! So rent smart and don’t forget, “Be Kind…Rewind”.


Something’s Wrong (0:00-3:17)
Gene Wilder, Sausage Party, Halloween III & More (9:45-39:41)
The Franchise Expansion Discussion (45:15-End)

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