Birth of the Dragon [Trailer] Bruce Lee vs Wong Jack Man

bruce lee movie trailer

The first trailer for the Bruce Lee biopic, Birth of the Dragon, has been released. It's a film about a pivotal fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man that took place in San Francisco, 1964.

The film stars Hong Kong actor and martial arts master Philip Ng as Bruce Lee. It began shooting in Vancouver, Canada in November 2015 under the tutelage of Corey Yuen, a martial arts choreographer who created action sequences for films such as X-Men and The Expendables.

The film recently had a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. A release date for the United States has not yet been announced.

Fun-fact, the character of Steve is based on the actor Steve McQueen. He and Lee were such good friends that McQueen tried to give lee a Porsche and a down payment on a home, but Lee respectfully declined the gifts.

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