VHS Life: They Live...We Sleep

they live vhs life

Michael J missing the bus and a mess in the store’s adult section start us off. Then, we get into Mickey Keating’s DARLING, an artsy and dark film that may or may not have disturbed John. John FINALLY got around to seeing LIGHTS OUT, and regales us with the tale of how he got there. How would he handle the film’s upcoming sequel and more!

After a break, we discuss movie memorabilia and other types of media and things we like to collect. Who has more movies and John. Plus John’s most valued possession has an unfortunate “accident”. Join us for that and so much more at Press Play Video and remember Be Kind…Rewind!


Missed The Bus (1:19-3:52)

A Hard Substance, Darling, John’s Lights Out Adventure & More (9:09-43-18)

Movie Memorabilia (46:32-End)

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