Netflix Pick of the Week: Blackstone [Series]

blackstone tv series

The first Season of Blackstone won two Gemini Awards, and garnered two wins at the 2011 Leo Awards and three wins at the 2011 Alberta Film and Television Awards. Unfolding over nine one-hour episodes, the first Season presents Blackstone First Nation suffering disintegration by its own hand – the result of the corruption of its Chief and Council. From within the community, a new generation of leaders, with Leona Stoney (Carmen Moore) and Victor Merasty (Nathaniel Arcand), rise up and fight hard to create lasting and substantial change. If Andy Fraser loses for the first time his election in favor of Leona Stoney, he does not hesitate to use all villainous means at his disposal  to regain power. Meanwhile, Leona’s sister, Gail (Michelle Thrush, who delivers a great performance in this role) fights against alcoholism and the mourning of his daughter Natalie (Roseanne Supernault. also excellent) who committed suicide.

****NOTE: The first season is shot in a manner to make it seem more dramatic by constantly zooming in and out, to make for a documentary-like feel, this-is-happening-now sense of urgency. This is corrected from the second to the fifth. I only note it because it may cause motion sickness.

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