VHS Life: Youth Gone Wild

youth gone wild episode

Was there ever anything better than walking into your local video store and wondering the aisles of VHS?! We think not... and you can relive it with us. Join John Rhoades and Michael J, along with an assortment of guests as we relive this classic era and so much more!

For our first episode, we start by catching up with what our hosts have been doing. Then, we get into some VHS stories, along with some of our favorite titles, John has a reading issue and more.

After a break, we get into the proper way to intro a segment as well as more bullshit, like remaking Smokey & The Bandit, the Ghostbusters reboot debacle and more, since this is the first episode.  So rent smart, get it home, press play, and don’t forget,  “Be Kind….Rewind!”

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