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    vhs life episode 4

    John’s bad Chinese food and last week’s technical difficulties start us off. Followed by Michael J’s search for Criterion’s Carnival Of Souls blu-ray and more. After which we get into GREEN ROOM, John loves it but does Michael J agree? The Blair Witch is back, but do we care? A very close call takes us into a break.

    After the unpleasantness, we’re joined by Scott Summerton (GUILTY PLEASURES CINEMA) to discuss who we feel to be heroes. Scott and John have normal picks whereas Michael J may have something different to offer. So rent smart, get it home, press play, and don’t forget,  “Be Kind….Rewind!”


    It Burns (0:00-1:53)

    Criterion Sale, Green Room, A Friendly Wager & More (06:51-32:23)

    Unlikely Heroes (36:36-End)

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