Rabbit In Red: A New Beginning [Wolfie's Just Fine]

rabbit in red podcast

With the release of Jon Lajoie's song A New Beginning John and I head back to the Friday the 13th franchise to talk about A New Beginning. I like it, John doesn't and it makes for a half hour of nonstop arguing.

There was a second half, but it did make the cut due to technical failure so enjoy this quick cut of Rabbit In Red and check out the video below.

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Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning - Five years after killing the goalie hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees, Tommy Jarvis has grown up in various mental hospitals unable to get over the nightmares about Jason's return. When Tommy is sent to a rural halfway house in New Jersey for mentally disturbed teenagers, a series of grisly murders begin anew as another hockey-masked killer begins killing off all people at and around the residence. Has Jason returned from the dead to re-start his killing spree? Has Tommy decided to take over the reign of Jason, or has someone else?

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