Terrible Filmmaking at Its Finest: Holidays [Review]

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Here is a question, how does a group of 10 extremely talented filmmakers turn out an anthology film that is completely terrible and a waste of viewers' time? Seriously, I'd genuinely like an answer because I am baffled as to how this project saw the light of day.

First let me give praise to the one good story in this disaster; Father's Day. Anthony Scott Burns can hold his head high knowing he delivered the best segment to this dumpster fire. Really, I'd like to see his short turned into a feature as to put some distance between him and this project. Good work Burns and looking forward to more for you. As for everyone else.......

Terrible, horrid, uninspired, slap-in-the-face by all the writers and directors. This movie is an exercise in how not to make a short, fan-film, movie, studio film or anything that involves a video camera.

Kevin Smith, who I like and enjoy (a bit too much), had the best day to deliver something awesome, Halloween, and instead delivered a stewing pile of bile. Really, Really? That is what you go with..... Your daughter is a good actor thought, so you get points for that. But come on, you phoned in something beneath you and you know you could have done better.

Then the movie skips two holidays that could have been fantastic, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. Why? How do minor BS holidays make the cut, but not actually holidays? I'd like an answer on that one also.

You know I'm actually getting pissed as I'm writing this, because I'm remembering what a colossal waste of time this movie was. I hate having my time wasted by being sold a false bill of goods and that is what Holidays is.

In closing do not watch this movie, go watch anything else because you will become agitated, irritated, angry and pissed that you wasted your time on this thing. Or maybe watch it so you know how not to make a movie (sans Father's Day). 

P.S. Jesus-Bunny monster was a cool practical effect, but the story did not deliver.

Rating: 4/10 Stars

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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