Halloween Mockumentary Michael Myers: Absolute Evil Is a Must See

halloween michael myers

Michael Myers: Absolute Evil is a fan film in the style of a documentary treating the Halloween films from 1978 - 2002 as events that actually occurred.

Featuring interviews with survivors, Haddonfield residents, experts who have researched the Myers case, and investigators who have attempted to capture him as well as never before seen crime scene photos, "Michael Myers: Absolute Evil" is the first documentary to tell the story of the real life Boogeyman.

If you are a fan of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon then you have to check this out. It fits so well in the universe Scott Glosserman created that you'd believe this to be a spinoff of sorts. The entire movie is shot in believable documentary action and the acting fits perfectly in those parameters. What I find most enjoyable is the part on the Cult of Thorn and how it this actually helps the continuity of the series.

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