Greatest Song Ever Wolfie's Just Fine: A New Beginning

friday 13th wolfie just fine

Friday the 13th V: The New Beginning was released in 1985 and picks up several years after The Final Chapter. Tommy Jarvis, the young boy who managed to kill Jason at the end of the previous film, is now an adult who has be bounced around from institutions and finally lands at Pinehurst Halfway House. When one of the residents kills another, one of the paramedics who arrives on the scene,Roy Burns, seems particularly distraught. The next day, Jason Voorhees, wearing a slightly altered hockey mask, seems to have returned and proceeds to butcher nearly everybody in and around the halfway house. The ending reveals that the killer wasn’t Jason at all, but grieving paramedic Roy Burns avenging the death of his son.

It usually at this point when majority screams this entry sucks, but does it really? No, no it does not.

A New Beginning is more or a Friday film than many of the sequels that were to follow and is shot in such a manner that it closely resembles the first entry, when his mother was the killer, with the tightly shot kills, heavily featured hands and building of tension. Sure it wasn't actually Jason doing the killing, but for all intents and purposes it was. Had it not been revealed that it was Roy doing the killing, the film would have gotten a lot more praise rather than franchise fan hate.

This brings me to Jon Lajoie (Taco on The League) and his ode to one of the most underrated entries into the Friday the 13th franchise. The song isn't just a love letter to a good slasher sequel, but a love letter to the horror genre as a whole. A New Beginning was Lajoie's gateway to the genre and he expresses this is the best possible way; through song.

Now listen to Wolfie's Just Fine: A New Beginning as Lajoie tells you a tale of how he, myself and many other genre fans felt when we watched our first horror film... Many thanks Jon Lajoie.

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