The Nice Guys Makes Moviegoing Fun Again [Review]

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Shane Black can do no wrong, (he gets a pass on Iron Man 3) he is responsible for some of the best films of the past three decades. From Monster Squad to the Lethal Weapon franchise he has hit countless home runs penning scripts and has a unique flare behind the camera as well. Black's latest outing with The Nice Guys shows that he is more on point than ever and can make a genuinely fun movie going experience.

The Nice Guys unfolds in 1970s Los Angeles, when down-on-his-luck private eye Holland March (Gosling) and hired enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe) become the unlikeliest of partners.  Working together, they have to find a missing girl who seems to have a target on her back.  And is her case related to the violent death of porn star Misty Mountain in a car crash?  During their investigation, March and Healy begin to uncover a shocking conspiracy that reaches up to the highest circles of power…and just might get them both killed.

Crowe and Gosling are the stars here, but it is the supporting cast that really adds to the atmosphere of this cinematic beauty. Angourie Rice in the role of Holly, Goslings on-screen daughter, is just one of the outstanding performances that bring this piece to life. With other roles filled out by the amazing Keith David and the fantastic Matt Bomer, this film becomes more than a buddy comedy; it becomes a, pure as the drive snow, work of art.

The Nice Guys is what the cinema has been missing for a few years now. That mid level movie that doesn't involve superheros, zombies or some over hyped book series turned picture. This is an original piece with an original idea and it blows the doors off of everything else that is hitting the theaters right now. The Nice Guys proves that a good script and a great cast will always be more entertaining than anything, even in the days of IMAX 3D and superheroes.

Rating: 10/10 Stars 

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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