Girl in Woods Gets Lost in the Forest [Review]

girl in woods review

When you make a movie you don't just make it once, you make it three times. Once when you write it, again when you shoot it and once more when you edit it. It is a long, hard process and rarely does the final version resemble the first version.

I would like to have the chance to read that first draft and see exactly what, if any, differences there are between page and video. I say this because the final product of Girl in Woods feel choppy, as if there was a great movie that got lost in a okay movie.

The movie has an amazing cast that includes Jeremy London, Charisma Carpenter and in the lead role Juliet Reeves London. London and Carpenter give great performances, but Juliet London really gives it her all and carries majority of the picture. Juliet not only does a stellar job with performing solo, but delivers three different characters while acting against herself. Juliet hits a good balance of Castaway mixed with Mr. Brooks and that feat alone deserves to be applauded.

The cinematography is beautiful, the movie makes great use of the surrounding forest and creeks to tell a great visual story of isolation.

Girl in Woods only problem is that it gets lost in itself. What could have been a great 'girl alone in the woods' movie is bogged down by continuity errors, needless cuts to flash backs/hallucinations and revealing the twist at the very beginning. The twist could have been far more impactful had it not been beaten over your head throughout the entire movie.

Had Benson just taken some more time to refine the story and tightened up the editing this would have been a really good movie, but as it sits now it's just an okay movie that gets lost in itself. That is a shame considering how great all other aspects of the movies are.

Rating:  6/10  Stars

Rich Stile @TheDevilsEyes1

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