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    buffalo bill weiner

    Admit it, there are certain songs that when you hear them instantly call to mind a certain movie. But the horror genre might be the best at this mnemonic trickery. I mean who doesn't tuck their weiner and dance around when Goodbye Horses comes on? Don't lie you've done at least once..

    For better or worse these are the Top 10 Songs forever linked to certain horror movies. The moment you hear these you will recall the exact scene and film it was in, but if you forgot the title is right there for you.

    Are there any other ones that I forgot or one you think is more deserving of this list? Let me know below. 

    10. Wolf Creek 2: Tie Me Kangaroo Down

    09. Jeepers Creepers: Jeepers Creepers

    08. Nightmare on Elm St. 4: Anything, Anything

    07. RZ Halloween: Love Hurts

    06. Insidious: Tip Toe Through the Tulips

    05. Scream: Youth of America

    04. Return of the Living Dead: Party Time

    03. Scream: Red Right Hand

    02. Halloween: Mr. Sandman

    01. Silence of the Lambs: Goodbye Horses


    The Final Girls: Bettie Davis Eyes

    Lost Boys: I Still Believe

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